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The Artist - A Review by Model/Fine Artist Carol Seleme

Carol Seleme (photo gallery) is the first host for All Good Things - a blog I’m starting with a video game producer covering movies, video games, and comics. It probably ought to be called “cute girls reviewing stuff,” because that’s really what it is. The idea struck us when Mal Malloy did her David Boring and Halloween videos. Those videos were popular but I wanted more creative involvement with them. Of course, I hope to get Mal back in the mix on this project, as well as Olivia, who started us off with a great promo. Anyway, Carol’s first review is The Artist, which you can check out online at iTunes here and Netflix here.

On a personal note, I must say it was genuinely a lot of fun working with Carol again. People say this all the time, but in this case it’s actually true. She’s smart and funny in addition to being attractive, which makes her doubly fun. Video now available in HD 1080.

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