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Top Ten Sexiest Women in the DC Universe

Since a lot of you liked the Top Ten Sexiest Women in the Marvel Universe, I thought the DC ladies were due their time in the sun.  So, without further ado...

Number 10:  Death of the Endless
Death is the second oldest of The Endless, a family of anthropomorphisms  of basic concepts of existence.   She appears, to most, as an 80's Goth girl, wearing an ankh necklace and an eye made up like the Eye of Horus.  Despite her job, she is the friendliest of all the Endless, including Destiny, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium.   Other sexy DC ladies of the Dark include Traci 13, Cynthia, Umbra, Nightshade, and Lex Luthor's niece,  Nasthalthia Luthor.


Angel and Sam
Number 9: Angel Beatrix O'Day

Interestingly enough, this character was a brushed off and recycled character from the romance comics of yore, in a time when superheroes had not really taken off, yet.  Angel  is one half of the dynamic duo of Angel  and  the Ape.  She and her partner, Sam Simeon (grandson of villain, Gorilla Grodd!) get into adventures while solving crimes.  Other fun DC beauties include Quantum Queen and Fire.


Number 8:  Rose and Thorn (Rhosyn "Rose" Forrest)

Rose became a vigilante after her father, an officer for the Metropolis Police Department, was killed by a gang called The 100.  Her mind created an alter ego, Thorn, that went on a crusade of revenge against crime.  Thorn gets a sexual thrill from punishing evil doers.  She is not to be confused with her Golden Age counterpart, a villain that ended up marrying Alan Scott (Golden Age Green Lantern) and having two children with him (Jade and Obsidian).  Other sexy DC sadists include Cheshire, Syonide, and Sylph.


Number 7:  Encantadora

Encatadora is a mercenary and hitwoman with magical powers derived from her "Mists of Ibella." She also secretes pheromones that make men do her bidding.  She has had some light dealings with Superman while trying to kill him and being saved by him.  She has also tried to seduce him, but failed due to his noble character.  Other DC beauties that bend men's wills or use magic include Poison Ivy, Allure, and Witchfire.


Number 6:  Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)

Like her mother, Dinah Drake, Black Canary is a potent and lethal fighters in DC Universe, but far surpassed her.  Touted as able to outfight The Batman, Black Canary also possesses a sonic scream that is more powerful than Silver Banshee's.  When channeled correctly, her scream can go so far beyond audible sound that it can knock even Wonder Woman unconscious, and also allow her to read minds by syncing up with brainwaves.  Other hot DC pugilists include Batgirl, Lady Shiva, and The Huntress.


Number 5:  Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is the sexy counterpart to The Joker, or "Mister J" as she likes to call him.  Harley Quinn was the first DC comics character created outside of the comics.  Harley Quinn did not start out as a villain, but as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel.  As a psychiatrist studying The Joker, she was seduced by his web of lies and sad luck stories.  She has increased agility and extreme resistance to poisons and drugs due to her tenure with Poison Ivy, via injections.  Other sexy DC love interests in villainy include Talia Head, Magenta, and Catwoman.


Number 4:  Wonder Woman


You knew she had to make the list, even if she is not as high as some of you think she deserved.  Wonder Woman was created by psychologist, William Moulton Marston, who enjoyed swinging, bondage, domination, and role play, and also pioneered the polygraph.  Her original powers and weaknesses betray these facts.  Wonder Woman possessed strength just out of Superman's class, yet she could be rendered powerless by having her wrists bound (bondage).  Her magic lasso rendered her targets powerless and compelled them tell the truth against their will (bondage and domination).  Marston  was also aroused by large silver bracelets, like the ones worn by both Wonder Woman and his lover.  Other examples of sexy DC powerhouses include Big Barda, Knockout, and Giganta.
Number 3:  Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)


Please do not get me wrong.  All of the Star Sapphires have been fine, from the original, to the one formerly known as Fatality, but Carol Ferris (based off of Elizabeth Taylor), in my humble opinion, was the finest of them all.   Carol Ferris was Hal Jordon's boss and lover at Ferris Aircraft before becoming his adversary as Star Sapphire.  The original role of Star Sapphire was the chosen queen of the Zamarons ('Female counterparts to the Guardians of the Universe, because for a long time, Guardians were only male.)  but has grown into a full corps on par with the Green Lantern Corps, with violet rings fueled by the power of love  Honourable mentions include all other Star Sapphires.


Number 2:  Power Girl


Power Girl
'Stronger than Supergirl.  'Better built than Wonder Woman.  Able to out-jiggle Harley Quinn with a single bounce...!  Okay, I'll stop, but you get the point.  Power Girl almost made it to Number 1 for all of these reasons and more.  Her past is very disputed as it has had more than its fair share of retcons.  From being an alternate reality's Supergirl, to being a descendant of Arion of Atlantis, I'm not sure if anyone knows who or what she is.  She has abilities similar to Kryptonians and Daxamites, which have fluctuated with writers, but has always had a keen mind and business savvy.  Funny comments have been made about her breasts by the likes of Black Canary and others, including Batman, who used them as a distraction against Toyman.  Sexy DC juggernauts also include Supergirl, Andromeda, and Maxima.


Number 1:  Starfire


I have held a candle for
Koriand'r since I started reading Teen Titans.  She has always been depicted as extremely kind and naive, and with no sense of human taboos; she learned English by sharing a kiss with Robin.  Naturally super strong and durable, she also has energy manipulation and projection abilities.  However, due to genetic experimentation, she has abilities well beyond those of other Tamaraneans, and is one of the most powerful aliens on Earth.  She also has expert combat training that has enabled her to best the much stronger Troia.  Other sexy DC Teen Titans include Troia, Raven, and Wonder Girl.

So, that's my list.  What do you think of it?  How does it compare to yours?  Like I've said in the past, my lists are not absolute, but something done for fun and to start a dialogue with readers with.  We at All Good Things TV would love to read and respond to your comments, so send them in!

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"Crush" - How to Stalk Your Crush

blogEntryTopperThe writer of this movie said it was partly inspired by an article he saw in “Seventeen” magazine called “How to Stalk Your Crush.” Indeed, the beautifully shot Crush could be a primer for such activities. After watching a scene where Bess tracks down the target of her affections with her smartphone and GPS, I found myself thinking: “Wow, there’s actually an app that lets you track people’s locations based on their Twitter handle!?”

I had to review Crush because I enjoyed it and I just didn’t see much coverage about it on the web. Director Malik Bader (Street Thief) assembled a great group of actors and behind the scenes technicians to elevate this significantly above your typical straight-to-DVD flick. Specifically, the cinematography is fantastic, the lighting is great, and ambient/electronica soundtrack is enjoyable. The actors are all well cast too, with Crystal Reed playing against type as a weirdo, Sarah Bolger playing the sweet nice girl to the tee, and Lucas Till doing his best Matt Damon as the lead is impressive as well.

Crush tells the story of Scott, a good looking high school sports star, who is also the target of several women’s affections, even his hottie English teacher, Ms Brown. The problem is, one of these crushes is about to be taken too far, and the movie relishes in making us guess which one of these women is the real psycho. It won’t stress you out too
much though. Without much bloodshed, the movie manages to spin a pretty suspenseful yarn but it’s a fairly mellow in its execution, which is its real charm. As one of the producers said, it has a nice burn.

I confess I’ve watched far too many teenage movies in my time, from the classics (Clueless, Bring it On) to the lesser known ones like Flirting. This one is pretty good for what it is (not intended for theatrical release), so check it out on iTunes.

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Review - Phoenix's "Bankrupt!" - Bourgeois!

For those of you longing to hear Phoenix's signature style after their extended absence, you will not be disappointed with "Bankrupt." While not as consistent as "Wolfgang Amadeus" (maybe their most consistent CD) or "United," this album has some good stuff. For example, you can easily listen to Bourgeois - the best song on the CD in my opinion - 50 times the first time you hear it and not get tired it. It's quintessential Phoenix. Nevertheless, I found myself having to chase the catchy hooks a little more this time around. It's a somewhat noisy outing with songs that contain some very interesting melodies and sounds, but they are often interspersed with other things that are not so interesting. For instance, at least two songs on the album - Entertainment and Trying to be Cool - are fantastic in the first 2/3s, but have finishes that don’t measure up to the rest of the song.The Real Thing is strong, with its addictive drum beat, evocative of Prince circa "When Doves Fly.” There is a strange Asian influence with these songs. I say strange because it's not true music from the Orient, but rather those cliched sounds we heard on 80's songs like The Vapors "Turning Japanese." And that's what it is - a reference to those type of pop songs.

Anyway, when you get to 1:13 in The Real Thing or 1:53 on Entertainment my qualms with an otherwise excellent CD will quickly disappear from your memory. This album gets a definite thumbs up from AGT.

Background: Phoenix is a French alternative rock band from Versailles, France, consisting of Thomas Mars (vocals), Deck d’Arcy (bass), Laurent Brancowitz (guitars) and Christian Mazzalai (guitars). In this author’s opinion, their best songs of all time are (not in order): 1) If I Ever Feel Better (I literally listened to this song for a year straight every time I got in my car), 2) Too Young, 3) Consolation Prizes, 4) Rally, 5) Lisztomania, 6) 1901, 7) Everything is Everything.

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“Evil Dead” – Enteraining But Not Scary - *Spoilers*

The Evil Dead is not scary. But it is a good time, and due to that alone it will likely do well financially. That’s not to say Evil Dead doesn’t have a couple scary moments. It does - it has exactly two. One is when Elizabeth Blackmore’s character is struggling with whether to cut off her arm with an electric knife and Mia pops up from the basement and simply stares at her. Doesn’t say a word – just looks at her, real long like. The other is when Mia is being buried with a plastic bag over her head, face enshrined in dirt, and starts speaking to her would-be executioner through the plastic bag. Highly effective.

The basic story of the
Evil Dead is that a group of young folks stay at a cabin in the woods and unearth a book of evil spells that releases all manner of spooks and ghouls, which slowly inhabit the souls of each character. Oh, and speaking of Cabin in the Woods, Fede Alvarez, the director of ED, was asked whether he was nervous making his movie in the wake of Joss Whedon’s ultimate meta horror flick. Basically, he said he wasn’t and that Whedon’s film was more a love letter to the genre than anything. Yeah… um, the problem there is that Whedon and Drew Goddard authored a making-of book wherein they essentially said that Cabin in the Woods sprang from their distaste for the long line of not-so-good horror movies released in the last decade (and that Cabin tried, on some level, to account for the inexplicable behavior of the inhabitants of such flicks). Unfortunately, ED might be such a movie. People go into darkened basements they shouldn’t; pull back shower curtains with demonic gamines waiting behind them, and generally act illogically.

A few notes about the filmmaking. Alvarez will definitely work again. Despite the ED’s lack of true chills, it is well shot. In fact, it feels very much like a more intense version of Drag Me to Hell (one of my favs), right down to “The Book of the Dead,” which could easily be volume two of whatever book chronicled the Lamia. The end of ED, where Mia faces off with the demon in a torrential downpour of blood, is visually epic. Unfortunately, the acting is pretty wooden (Jessica Lucas better not ever stop being hot, because when she does it’s over), and the script was just basic. There were lots of unintentional laughs with the hipster crowd I saw this with a day before the opening.

As you know, the theme of AllGoodThings is that we don’t review stinkers. If you see it here, it’s comes pre-approved. And that’s case with Evil Dead. It’s a solid movie that is pretty entertaining. It’s just not scary.

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