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Thor: Dark World Review

blogEntryTopperTonight I had the pleasure of attending an advance screening for Thor:  Dark World by Marvel Studios.  I had high hopes after watching the trailers and was not disappointed! 
Where the first Thor involved the realm of the Frost Giants, the sequel delves into the realm of the Dark Elves and their leader, Malekith.  Malekith wishes to reclaim The Aether, an artifact of tremendous power from before this universe and lay waste to Asgard to make his realm supreme, above all others.  Once again all nine realms, including Earth, are endangered by one being's quest for domination and power.
Thor:  Dark World appeals with elements of action, magic, and science, as well as humor.  All of the important characters from the first Thor return, showing growth, and perhaps some damage, from not only the first movie, but from the events that unfurled in The Avengers.  As the movie begins, you see how heartlessly ruthless Malekith is by what he is willing to sacrifice to get what he wants.  Later you see how much he is willing to take.  His daring and total disregard for the pain and loss of others sets into motion events that forge an uneasy alliance between Thor and his estranged and adoptive brother, Loki
Thor:  Dark World has all of the Hollywood special effects you expect from an epic superhero movie, as well as great battle and fight scenes.  I was pleasantly surprised at some action scenes that I would not have expected from a Thor movie.  Ah, ah, ah!  No spoilers..!
I also have to take my hat off to Marvel Studios and the creative decisions they have made since its acquisition by Disney.  All of its movies since Captain America:  The First Avenger contain slight elements of the others woven in.  These shared nods and winks give an almost comic book-like appeal because they refer to each other in the same manner that comic books have for decades.  Each movie builds upon the older ones, and to truly understand and appreciate the more recent one, you must  have paid attention to the others.
As with all Marvel Studios movies, stay through the credits.  If you haven't learned this, yet, then I suggest you break out your old DVD's and Blu-rays to see what you've been missing for close to 10 years, now.  As a bonus, Thor:  Dark World has a secret credits scene after the customary secret credits scene, so don't just jet off once you've seen the first one.
All in all, I'd say that I enjoyed the sequel to Thor more than the original, and look forward to Marvel Studios's next project.

--Jason O. N. Roberts
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