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Top Ten Anime Series Part 1

I'm an old school Anime Lover.  Ironically, a lot of otaku  think I don't know anime because I don't like a lot of the newer stuff.  The reason I don't watch much of the newer stuff is that since anime has become mainstream, most anime feels like it comes from corporate templates.  It's either the "Loli Little Girl Panty Shot High School," "Monster and Wizard High School," or "Big Breasted Robo-Assassins." I prefer to remember the days when anime stories were captivating, the art breathtaking and painstakingly made, and the premises were unique.   Because of this, I thought I'd share my Top 10 Anime Series of all time.  This is just my opinion and not being submitted as law.  It's  just a suggestion of some great older anime  and well-written newer anime to watch if you're feeling bored.
Number 10:  Crying Freeman
Crying Freeman is about a very unlikely assassin, named Yo.  Yo was a famous Japanese artist whose skill with his hands in both sculpture and painting is so splendid that it catches the eyes of the 108 Dragons, a powerful Chinese crime syndicate.  They kidnap him, and through a combination of ancient and cutting edge mind control, memory editing, and reprogramming techniques, make Yo into their greatest assassin.  Despite all of the manipulation, his will and spirit remain strong, and his psyche gives release to his juxtaposition by streams of silent tears that stream down his face every time he makes a hit.  This gives him his codename:  Crying Freeman.  His true destiny is sparked when he is spotted during an assassination by a beautiful, yet modest, young artist, named Emu.  His assassin's code dictates that he kill her under penalty of death, but he falls for her.  Yo and Emu's lives are never the same.  The series has beautiful classic anime art, and Crying Freeman's fighting style is unconventional and clever. 
Other anime like Crying Freeman are Grappler Baki, Golgo13, and Rei-Lan:  Orchid Emblem.
Number 9:  Voltron (Go Lions!)
This series is about as classic as it gets.  Voltron was not as Astroboy or Gigantor, but it was old enough to not only to influence anime, but endear itself to a lot of people that helped to make anime the juggernaut that it is.  Voltron is the story of the worlds protected by a planetary alliance.  Various teams are sent to the worlds and defend them using giant robots.  For the purpose of this article, I am only going to refer to the superior "Lions" Voltron Team, and not the "Cars" or "Gladiator" Teams.  In Voltron,  a team of adventurers from The Alliance go to the planet Arus to find one of the Voltron robots, who used to defend that galaxy.  Voltron was tricked by a witch named Haggar, who was not powerful enough to destroy him, but separate him into five elemental robot lions.  The Voltron Force must find the hidden lions and learn to pilot them.  If found, The Lions can be united to reform Voltron, and protect the galaxy again.  Voltron had great stories, but some otaku might consider it lacking because of the art style and lack of intensity.  Like I said, this is an old anime series, and just how movies in the 1940's might be considered tamer by some, others love them for the stories and nostalgia; it is the same for me and Voltron.  I think the thing that I, and many classic otaku have loved about Voltron is that Voltron is a synergy of technology and magic with a soul.
If you think you might like Voltron, cheque out Robotech, which also encompasses Macross, and Speed Racer.
Number 8:  FLCL
I cannot express the joy I get thinking about the insanity that is FLCL. without giving away plot twists, but I will do my best.  The story is about a boy name Naota whose older brother, Tasuku, is a pro baseball player that lives in the USA.  Naota's life was already abnormal enough considering his father and grandfather are quite eccentric, and his brother's ex-girlfriend, Mamimi uses him as a proxy for his brother, to molest.  The story picks the weirdness up a notch when Haruka, a girl on a Vespa runs Naota over.  After this, Naota and Haruka find out that when she hits him in the head with her bass guitar, things come out of it.  This story covers love triangles, coming of age, conspiracy theories, inter-dimensional portals, philosophy, humor, and action packed into a 12 episode series...each episode only about 15 minutes!  I know it might seem unbelievable that such a short series could make my top 10, but it really is that good!
Another series that you might want to check out is Soul Eater, which, like FLCL, one of the better recent series that shares the same kind of insanity of FLCL.
Number 7:  Full Metal Alchemist:  Brotherhood
Full Metal Alchemist:  Brotherhood is a more manga accurate remake of Full Metal Alchemist.  It is about two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who live on a world where alchemy is a developed and well respected central science of their society.  There are only two taboos:  human creative and re-creative alchemy, and attempts to create a Philosophers' Stone.  Both actions attempt to ignore the central rule of alchemy, "The Law of Equivalent Exchange:" in order for something to be gained, something equal must be lost.  While the elements in a human body are cheap, what is the value of a human being, and what must be lost for the alchemic production of one?  The Philosopher's Stone is a perversion of The Law because it seeks to bypass it altogether, and what must be lost to achieve that?  The Elric brothers attempted to resurrect their mother using alchemy when they are small children.  The result was gruesome, and costs Edward an arm and a leg, and Alphonse his entire body.  Edward binds Alphonse's body to a suit of armor.   The two become State Alchemists in order to unlock the secrets of both taboos, and find their father.  Edward and Alphonse meet some colorful characters in their travels, and learn truths that seem to link the two taboos.  Most of you reading this have probably watched at least one episode.
Case Closed sort of reminds of Brotherhood because of the pursuit of truth.
Number 6:  The Dragon Ball Series
This had to end up somewhere on the list.  This series spans not just
Dragon Ball Z, but Dragon Ball GT, the original Dragon Ball, and the re-edited and restored Dragon Ball Z Kai.  For any of you that do not know about this series, it centers around a very virtuous and kind martial artist named Goku.  He is taught martial arts by an old martial arts master named Gohan.  Training from the legendary fighter combined with the child's extraordinary origins make Goku one of the strongest warriors on Earth.  This series has some of the most diverse and remarkable cast of characters in all of anime, most of which are enemies of Goku, and most of them become his allies and trusted friends.  Aiding Goku and his friends are the seven Dragon Balls, which can be brought together every year to grant a wish, before scattering all over the Earth again.  While the Dragon Balls are powerful enough to resurrect the dead in multitudes, they are not omnipotent, and there are rules affecting the wishes.
Other favorite anime with fighting spirit include
Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, and Kenichi:  The Mightiest Disciple.
How do you like the Top 10 so far?  Have any of mine been any of yours?  Well, I'm only half-way through, and there is still a good chance that some of yours may make my list.  Stay tuned to All Good Things TV to find out, and keep the comments coming!
HERETICPRIME of Otaku no Baka

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Are Women in Comics Depicted So Differently Than Their Male Counterparts?

by Jason O.N. Roberts aka HERETICPRIME of Otaku no Baka
In the last two weeks or so, I've seen a few interesting pictures and articles about the way female comic book characters are depicted in contrast to male characters. I think that the general consensus is that women are depicted in sexy poses, rather than practical poses, and wear outfits that are skimpy rather than protective. At first I thought that these critics were on to something. However, with some reflection on this subject, I realized that this sentiment might not be so valid. In the same light-hearted tone, I will offer the counter-arguments that the comic book males are depicted in a worse manner than the females.
Argument 1) Women Are Exploited by Their Costumes More Than Men Many of the critics of comics are saying that female characters are given costumes that do not protect them and are basically designed to show-off their physiques. To this I say: Are you effing kidding? How long have you been reading comic books? The basic male superhero costume motif is based on Superman. Superman fights crime in a bodysuit with underwear on the outside. That's basically dressing like Madonna and Lady Gaga.
Other heroes like Spiderman and Daredevil also sport skin-tight bodysuits. The Hulk loses everything except his pants and the Silver Surfer is naked. However, nobody has impractical costumes like the sidekicks, namely Robin. His costume is so revealing that many jokes about Bruce Wayne and the relationship he had with his ward are legend. Robin is not alone for pants-less fashion. Honourable mentions of "underwear" heroes include Plasticman, The Original Black
Condor, Black Vulcan, Samurai, and Dollman...yup, ALL DC heroes.
Argument 2) Only Women Use Their Sexuality As a Weapon
This is an argument that seems obviously true, when it is actually the opposite. Yes, certain female characters use their sexuality to accomplish their goals. Both Black Widows, Viper, Madam Hydra, and the Black and White Queens use their attractiveness to their advantage, but then again, they will use anything to gain the upper hand, and do not just depend on having a hot body or pretty face. Without their commendable skills, they would be no better than molls and damsels in distress.
I would also like to point out what many don't realize: The male characters use their sexuality as weapons too. I can hear the eyebrows arching. Let me explain: Think about every male comic book character that plays it cool, tough, or macho. These characters are doing what a lot of women consider sexy, or at least what we think a lady's man would do. In fact, these character traits led to a whole new type of hero: the anti-hero, who always gets more women. Ask any woman who's sexier: Batman, or Superman? How about Spider-Man, or Wolverine? Superman and Spider-Man is like their father and the best friend that likes them, but never gets a shot. Batman and Wolverine are the bad boys that girls' fathers hate, and therefore, they
Hawkeye Daken Kiss
There are also smooth male characters that use sexuality to seduce, like Paladin and Nick Fury. Look at the old Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. comic books. Not only were they trippy and psychedelic, but they were pretty spicy, too. Other male comic book characters that use sexuality as weapon include Starfox, Guy Gardener, and Daken. Oh, Daken is a Dark Avenger and a son of Wolverine. He likes to seduce both men and women. You might say he fits the "sexuality as a weapon" bill in ways that even the ladies usually don't.
Argument 3) Only Women Take Sexy Poses
Once again, I will rely on the same logic as Argument 2). A lot of the poses that male comic book characters use are sexy and impractical for men, not women. Think about how many pictures you've seen of muscle-bound he-men posed flexing in weird stances, or blowing everything away with guns as big as the ones they call biceps; what else do you call this? Male comic book characters do this so much, that the Japanese digested it with the rest of our animation and comic books and interpreted in their versions. 'Don't believe me? Just think of the Power Rangers, Ultraman, Spectreman, and, my favourite, The Ginyu Force.

Argument 4) Women Make Poses and Have Bodies That are Anatomically Impossible
Rebecca Eisenberg wrote an article on Upworthy titled Oh, So You Really Think the Female Body Works Like That? In her article, she shows how some female comic book characters are drawm to look beautiful and graceful, but would be impossible or uncomfortable to be in. She also has some pretty funny pictures of Hawkeye getting his "'female empowerment' on" by being drawn in some of those poses. I think she would probably also agree with other critics, that comic women are also proportioned in ways that real women could not hope to be without surgery.
My responses to her would basically be the same explanations for Arguments 2). If you don't believe me, just look at some of Rob Liefeld's, any other former Image Comic creators,' anatomically incorrect manly poses. No one has muscles like that. I can also give an example that blows her argument away in one word: Spider-Man.
That guy has the most difficult poses and movements in the business. He hikes his knees a whole foot above his head, with his legs froggy-style spread-eagle, with finger-action as difficult as Mr. Spock that shoots webbing. He has the powers of a spider, but nowhere does it say that he is penta-jointed. Yup, once again, the men have it worst, if you want to consider something like this bad. *shrugs shoulders*
In Conclusion
So you see, it can be argued that men are just as sexualized as women. The thing that makes a lot of those Hawkeye "female empowerment" pictures so funny is that they have him holding himself like a woman. Now some of you are going to take offense with me saying that, but I think it is a sadder world we live in when it is considered politically incorrect to celebrate, or even acknowledge the differences between men and women. Women do carry themselves differently to be pretty and graceful. Men do the same to look handsome and powerful. The comics are just doing what they do with everything else. They kick it up a notch. Despite this fact, if you look at some of these "empowerment" pictures, you realize that the females are not depicted so badly, if at all, and the Hawkeye pictures give him the body and clothing of woman. Are these "empowerment" pictures fighting sexism, or punishing femininity and masculinity at the same time?

I remember as a young boys, we could have been intimidated by the larger than life physiques and manlier than manly attitudes of many comic book characters. Did we complain, point fingers, or cry about how comics were making an unfair picture for little boys to grow into? No! Did we complain about damaged psyches and low self esteem? No! We did the mature thing! We put on our Underoos and became our favourite superheroes yelling, "Superman!" and "Spider-Man!" We did not blame the comic book creators for making interesting and powerful characters to entertain and stimulate imaginations. We loved them for it.
Yes, people, I am kidding, but, like I always say, there is truth in every jest. This topic is one of trivial academia, for most, and not worth getting heated about. For all you women and female feminists that are bent out of shape by this topic, think about this: You all probably look a
lot more like your comic book sisters than we look like our comic book brothers, for as Rich Koslowski, writer and artist for How to Pick Up Girls If You're a Comic Book Geek, communicated, if you are a guy that reads comic books, you probably have a body like the Scarecrow or the Blob. Comics are for fun, so enjoy them.

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Top Ten Sexiest Women in the Marvel Universe

Okay, I know that a lot of you tech savvy geeks like me have seen a whole bunch of "Top Ten" lists for various things. Seeing so many, I think we can all agree on two things: 1) Many of them concern comic book characters and 2) Many of them suck. In fact, they suck so much, they inspire us to make our own Top Tens. Here is mine: "The Top Ten Sexiest Women in the Marvel Universe."
Number 10: The Invisible Woman Before Sue Richards was the wielder of force fields and invisibility and mother of two, she was the beautiful model and actress, Susan Storm. Her sexuality has been played down in her early years. Originally, her charms convinced Reed to let Johnny be a part of the team, and assured that Ben Grimm, The Thing, stuck around after Reed turned him into an orange boulder. Look it up! It's all true! She has flirted with a relationship with Namor, the Sub-Mariner, and talked him into becoming not only an ally of the Fantastic Four, but of the second generation of superhero groups in the Marvel Universe. Her changing costumes have reflected her changes as a woman, and her growth as a character from completely covered, to revealing, as in the Infinity Wars. Honorable mentions in her same class of beauty include Crystal, Medusa, Vapor, and Roulette.

Number 9: Hepzibah Mam'selle Hepzibah, also known as Zee and Lady Kitten, struck a cord in me the first time I saw her in the Starjammers. She has been increasingly depicted as a feline rather than a skunk, contrary to her creation as a nod of homage to Miz Mam'selle Hepzibah from Walt Kelly's Pogo comic strip. She's always been shown as shapely, agile, and just fuzzy enough to keep you warm at night. Like all members of her race, she emits pheromones that can take a person into ecstasy and goes into a seasonal heat. Oh, and did I mention that she is an intergalactic pirate chick? I think she has secretly appealed to the dirty little furry in all of us fanboys and has spiced up Marvel writing for years. Honorable mentions of furry sexiness include Tygra, Deathbird, Nocturne, and Squirrel Girl.

Number 8: Thena Thena, borne Azura of the Eternals, was the successor of Zuras, Ruler of the Eternals of Earth, until she lost her position to Ikaris who challenged her because of her love of Kro, ruler of the Eternals' long time enemies, The Deviants. She was named to mirror Athena, as token of peace between the Eternals and Olympian Gods. For some reason, she has never really gotten her due in the Marvel Universe. She has the figure that I always wanted The Enchantress to have. She has the sweetness and compassion to actually fall in love with her enemy. Oh, and she is a super-stacked smoking hot blonde that loves to wear shiny golden body suits. Honorable mentions of goddess gorgeousness include the Enchantress, Sersi, and Power Princess.

Number 7: She-Hulk Jennifer Walters is a lawyer that lost a case for the mob and needed an emergency blood transfusion to live. The only person that could save her was her travelling cousin, Bruce Banner, who was running from the law because of The Hulk. This is also the reason she became the emerald goddess and powerhouse, The Sensational She-Hulk! Just as her cousin's physique goes above and beyond that of the perfect man, so does her form for women. The only reason she was limited to 7 was the fact that her bulk has changed over the years depending on artists and story-arcs. Her best depictions can be seen in her second volume of comic, The Sensational She-Hulk. Honourable with her charms include Jarrella, Gamora, Nebula, and Lyra, her alternate reality niece.

Number 6: Spider-Woman Jessica Drew obtained her powers in a mad gamble to save her life, that included putting her in suspended animation to aid in her recovery. She emerged with powers that make the original Spider-Man look like he was cheated. One of her powers that makes her so sexy is her pheromone power that can make both sexes deathly afraid of her, as well as extremely attracted. As Spider-Woman she wears a full body suit that hits her just right in all the right places. The patterns seem to showcase all of her curves and frame her lady lumps so well. In short pheromones plus skin-tight body suit equals donkey ride to Heaven. I always thought that Carol Danvers's costumes and curves would compliment Spider-Woman's well in activity. Honourable mentions in bodysuit beauty include Carol Danvers, Diamondback, the Black Panther (Shuri), Black Cat, and Hellcat.

Number 5: Madelyn Pryor A lot of you fellow fanboys are going to be upset and wonder why I chose Madelyn over the much more famous and classically lusted after original. I defend my action by saying that in my opinion, Madelyn Pryor was way sexier than the Jean Grey. She had attitude and an edge from her resentment of always being compared and being used as a substitute for Jean Grey. Madelyn really came into her own as the Goblin Queen. She dresses the way Scott wishes Jean would have, and brings back memories of Jean Grey as the Black Queen (ahhh...). Maybe if Jean did dress like Madelyn, Cyclops wouldn't have had that affair with Emma Frost... Honourable mentions of redhead sensuality include Rachel Grey, Mary Jane Watson, and Jean Grey (duh).

Number 4: Selene Gallio Also known as the Black Queen, and simply Selene, she was a mutant with potential immortality before her ascension into godhood. She has preyed upon mankind for well over 15,000 years as a "psychic vampire" As most Inner Circle ladies, she is sexy, lusty, and not afraid to show it in her attitude, dress, and actions. To tell you the truth, I was considering putting Emma Frost, her White Queen counterpart, as tied for Number 4, but I would not be true to myself. I have always thought Selene was sexier than Emma Frost, despite the fact that I think most would say they like Emma Frost better...hey, my "Top Ten..." Honourable mentions in dominatrix appeal include Emma Frost, Umar, and Viper.

Number 3: Psylocke Psylocke is the twin sister of Captain Britain, and a mutant telepath. She was already a beautiful character when artist Jim Lee transformed her into an Asian assassin for The Hand in a sleek and revealing purple body suit, that matched her beautiful purple hair. Over the years her powers have changed, but she is still basically that sexy minx of an assassin that Jim Lee made her to be. Many of the reasons I like her are the same reasons that I like Selene, except she also kicks ass! At one time she could break your mind and your body at the same time. Imagine those powers used in the telepath...reading your fantasies...damn...Well, she has telekinesis instead now, but that can be useful as well. Honourable mentions of kickass beauties include Elektra, the Black Widow(Natalia Romanova), Mystique, Madam Hydra, and the Silver Sable.

Number 2: Opal Luna Saturnyne Opal Luna Saturnyne was the Majestrix of Earth's Omniverse. She was also one of many aspects of such people known as Courtney Ross, a wealthy business woman, and Sat-Yr-9, a would be conqueror from al alternate Earth that the Nazi's won WWII. Most of her aspects are just as fine as her and identical. Sat-Yr-9 is just as nasty and sexy as you expect her to be; in fact she kills Courtney Ross, dresses like her, and then goes downstairs to have sex with her date and former boyfriend, Captain Britain, downstairs. Tall, voluptuous, platinum blonde, and with a dimensional domain on a cosmic level, she almost made it to Number 1 in this Top Ten. Honourable mentions in cosmic beauty and blonde dominion include Megan, Roma, Kismet, and Shana the She-Devil.

Number 1: Storm Storm is sexy. 'SEXY. She has transformed herself to reflect her different aspects from being a thief, a goddess, a mutant, a human, a Morlock, an X-Man, and a wife. Part of her mutant power is that she has all of the rarest traits from all of the races on Earth, from her perfect complexion and skin colour, her blue and sometimes cat-slit eyes, and her long flowing alabaster hair. She is regal and majestic. Her body is full and supple. Her powers make her a force of nature...literally. Her weather control powers make her one with nature and give her a physical and psionic rapport with Earth. She enjoys her nudity and is not ashamed to share it. How could she not get the top slot? Honourable mentions in majestic beauty and power include Zaladane, Poloaris, and the Scarlet Witch.

You don't agree? Then do something about it! Comment! Share your list! We'd love to hear about it! In fact, share this and any other article on our site with your friends and discuss them, and come back and comment. We love the feedback and conversation!
By: Jason O. N. Roberts aka HERETICPRIME of Otaku no Baka

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