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Mal Malloy

Mal Malloy Reviews Her Top Three Horror Flicks

A very nice review by Mal Malloy of her top three (3) horror films. This reminds video reminds you why there was such a fuss made about this girl in the first place. Sexy and interesting sums it up I think.

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Mini Review - Amir Avni - Artist

One of the great things about blogging is that it allows you connect with talented creative people you might not have otherwise met. Amir Avni is a great artist from Canada who did the original of Mal Malloy that I featured on Indosplace.

Amir was nice enough to update his initial sketch with the below drawing, which I really like. His style reminds me a little of John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy). Amir is also an animator on a new Cartoon Network show called Grojband, so check him out.

Grojband Promo


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Mal Malloy AGT T-Shirt

Internet sensation Mal Malloy is seen here sporting the new AGT tees designed by Winterart which can be purchased here. Look for Mal to do upcoming reviews. More pics (and maybe some video) coming shortly… You can also see further pics on Indosplace and Mal’s Tumblr.


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