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Mr. Little Jeans - "Pocketknife"

Monica Birkenes
I first took note of Monica Birkenes aka Mr. Little Jeans when I heard the remix of The Rescue Song (not on this CD) in the movie “Celeste & Jesse Forever.” Birkenes has a lilting, wispy voice that is evocative of beautiful things; she sings in a way that reminds you of a modern nursery rhyme (see chorus on “Valentine” ). Her vocals are put to good use on “Pocketknife.” Several of the songs will stick with you long after you get out of the car. But there’s also a superficial element to this music that may limit repeat listens. Want to hear a real guitar or snare drum? Good luck, because it feels to me like most of this album was created on a synthesizer or computer.

Mr. Little Jeans put some of these songs out as singles long before this CD was released, so for those who have been following her only 50% of this album feels truly new. With that said, the songs that caught my attention are as follows: “Good Mistake,” “Haunted,” “Mercy” (reprisal in track 13 is best), “Valentine,” and “Heaven Sent.” Of the songs previously released, I forgot how good “Runaway” is. I’m not crazy about the original release of Rescue Song, but the RAC remix remains my all time favorite Mr. Little Jeans song.

Bottom line: Strong Recommend! There’s a lot of hooky, original sounding music here.

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New Mr Little Jeans - "Good Mistake"

Ever since I heard “The Rescue Song" in Celeste & Jesse Forever I’ve been a fan of Mr Little Jeans aka Monica Birkenes. And it appears that I’m one of a small number. Despite melodic, catchy tunes, Mr Little Jeans just doesn’t seem to have caught on in the mainstream in any significant way. Of course, one of her songs was on the secondary soundtrack for Iron Man 3, so I could be wrong about that *cheese grin*

Little Jeans

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