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"Crush" - How to Stalk Your Crush

blogEntryTopperThe writer of this movie said it was partly inspired by an article he saw in “Seventeen” magazine called “How to Stalk Your Crush.” Indeed, the beautifully shot Crush could be a primer for such activities. After watching a scene where Bess tracks down the target of her affections with her smartphone and GPS, I found myself thinking: “Wow, there’s actually an app that lets you track people’s locations based on their Twitter handle!?”

I had to review Crush because I enjoyed it and I just didn’t see much coverage about it on the web. Director Malik Bader (Street Thief) assembled a great group of actors and behind the scenes technicians to elevate this significantly above your typical straight-to-DVD flick. Specifically, the cinematography is fantastic, the lighting is great, and ambient/electronica soundtrack is enjoyable. The actors are all well cast too, with Crystal Reed playing against type as a weirdo, Sarah Bolger playing the sweet nice girl to the tee, and Lucas Till doing his best Matt Damon as the lead is impressive as well.

Crush tells the story of Scott, a good looking high school sports star, who is also the target of several women’s affections, even his hottie English teacher, Ms Brown. The problem is, one of these crushes is about to be taken too far, and the movie relishes in making us guess which one of these women is the real psycho. It won’t stress you out too
much though. Without much bloodshed, the movie manages to spin a pretty suspenseful yarn but it’s a fairly mellow in its execution, which is its real charm. As one of the producers said, it has a nice burn.

I confess I’ve watched far too many teenage movies in my time, from the classics (Clueless, Bring it On) to the lesser known ones like Flirting. This one is pretty good for what it is (not intended for theatrical release), so check it out on iTunes.

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