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What Do AGT and Elvira Have in Common? Quite a Lot

blogEntryTopperTwo decades ago - a lifetime to some of y’all - there used to be a campy TV show called “Elvira's Movie Macabre” with a sexy host named, naturally, Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson. This sharp-tongued temptress would dedicate the show to B-grade horror movies. It was on the air for five seasons and developed quite a fan base. The show’s gimmick was simple: no one watched it for the horror movies -- they watched it for the super sexy and somewhat funny host.

Unfortunately, Elvira’s show does not really stand the test of time. It’s a bit corny and boring by today’s fast paced, reality show standards. But no one invents the fire or the wheel. AGT has always been premised on the Elvira formula. So when you see the comments - “This is not about making jeans!” - well, well... they may just be onto something.

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As some of you know, aside from being part of the AllGoodThings.TV family, I’m also a game producer so this week, I was invited to the Apple developer conference in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. 
We arrived bright and early Monday morning to pick up our passes and the check-in process was Swift.  They started the day baring gifts as well - a cool WWDC 14 jacket and a gift certificate for $25 bucks to iTunes.  Then waited in a line that wrapped around the corner with 1500 other developers to hear the Tim Cook’s Key Note address.
After a brief wait, the lights dimmed and the Key Note presentation began.  They started with a video of bright, happy Apple-styled people from around the world talking about how many cool apps there were in the iTunes App store.  You know these vids where they make a point to show lots of ethnicities.  I ain’t mad at ya, Apple.  Cool beans.  Then Tim Cook walked out on stage and started right into his routine.   While a large portion of any of these types of presentations is pure propaganda, I must say that Apple and the iPhone remain head and shoulders above their competition.  The square-jawed SVP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, was the highlight of the show displaying the only thing that truly mattered – Hand off, which is a component of their brand new feature Continuity.   Simply put, if you start a document on your phone or iPad you can seamless continue working on it in real-time on your laptop.  They demoed this live using Safari as well and it was pretty awesome.   Other stand out features were the ability to answer your iPhone on your mac lap top even if the actual phone is ringing in another room.  You can also make calls from your laptop via your phone as well.   Additions to smart type on the phone now predicts what you are about to text so that you communicate much faster and you can now send voice memo responses to text messages without touching the phone.   I can’t remember exactly what feature was being demoed when Craig called Dr. Dre but I wasn’t too crazy about him being referred to as an employee.  Dude, it’s Dr. Dre straight out of Compton.  He ain’t nobody’s employee.
Ultimately, Apple really upped their game making it much harder not to choose an iPhone as your mobile device.  I’m looking forward to the rest the conference and learning how to make better mobile apps especially now that there seems to be a real focus on helping developers optimize their app experiences.  Kudos.  I think Steve Jobs would be proud.
- The X

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